December 24, 2017

Stock photos at Getty images / iStockphoto

Why are my photos at removed?

I registered at iStockphoto last summer, and it was a frustrating process. First of all, I need to send photos that confirm my skills. It was not as demanding as I expected, so very soon I was welcome to submit photos to the stock gallery. 

Next level was more demanding. My photos were rejected, one after another. For reasons I did not predicted. My submissions are actually thoroughly examined, by a human being, following strict rules. Humans can not be recognized, unless they have given their approval. So, if there are a slight chance of recognition, I need approval form.

When it comes to objects that are easily recognized as brand products, they will be rejected. At least when they are the main object of the picture.

So, at the moment most submissions have been rejected. Accepted submissions can be viewed at my stock portfolio at iStockphoto.

And more will be submitted!

December 11, 2017

October 29, 2017

Russian pause

My photographs from Russia, are my memories of special moments. Passing moments, that I managed to capture by photographing them. This collection of photographs, I call "Russian Pause", just because they tell a story of life in recreation and diversion. 

Most of the photographs are results of my interactions with people that I meet, but some are also candid photos. With these photographs I attempt to capture the extraordinary in ordinary events. They are captured in the periode 2012-2015.

Oslo portraits

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